The brainchild of a longtime CrossFitter, Optimotus emerged after six years of observation, trial, and study. We've developed the products that we have, not to add to the already-wide selection of CrossFit gear on the market, but to solve real, immediate problems. Our vision is one of excellence more fully realized. Toward that end, we create inventive CrossFit gear, designed to make every workout more impactful and more efficient. Our mission is to redirect your workout for the better, enabling you to take charge of your results once and for all.

When it’s 3-2-1-GO, you mean business. You get a little nervous tingle in your stomach as the clock counts down, and then it’s your time. Your time to compete. To do better than yesterday. Better than a year ago. Better than the athlete in the lane next to you. Better than the top score on the board. You push yourself to your limits. Then find new ones. You never settle. You always want to do better. So do we. Because we are Optimotus.